3D Scanning and Digitizing


Introducing Exascan, the high resolution scanner from the HandyScan 3d line of truly portable, self-positioning handheld laser scanners by Creaform.
The Exascan self-positioning handheld scanner offers increased resolution and accuracy.The Exascan makes it possible to carry out exact 3d scanning projects with a level of detail and accuracy that no other handheld scanning system can achieve. The Exascan is definitely the most flexible, freeform inspection device on the market applications and solutions

  • Reverse Engineering & Styling, Design & Analysis
  1. Include 3D scanning of existing objects
  2. 3D archiving
  3. Complex shape acquisition
  4. Damage assessment
  5. Clay model digitizing
  6. Facilitates surface reconstruction
  7. Class A surfacing
  8. 3D modelling
  9. Mock-ups
  10. Packaging design
  11. Rapid prototyping.
  12. Mechanical design (tooling & jigs, maintenance, repair & overhaul)
  • Inspection
  1. Non-contact inspection
  2. First article inspection
  3. Supplier quality inspection
  4. Part-to-CAD inspection (2D INSPECTION)
  5. Conformity assessment of 3D models against the original parts/production tooling
  6. Conformity assessment of manufactured parts against originals.