Business Model

Based on the nature and scope of the project, we offer two models for project execution.


Projects of short-term duration ranging up to 300 hours can be executed at our CAD Development Centre in India on a continuous basis by coordinating with the client on a daily routine by E-mail or telephone regarding any design problems and clarifications. Quality, cost and delivery targets can be maximized through exclusive allocation of man-power resources for a particular client.


Projects of long-term duration requiring onsite consultation can be executed by deputing a project coordinator / team at the client’s workplace but handle the bulk of the work at our India office in a cost-efficient manner. We follow a collaborative, integrative and interactive WEB based approach in executing our CAD projects.

“……..Communication can’t always follow the top-down model. With the fluidity of information in business today, leaders need to be masterful listeners; they need to be able to receive as well as send” ~ Joseph Badaracco, Professor, Harvard Business School

A typical scenario of project execution is:

1) First Client sends an inquiry message or informing us of a new project. The client follows up with the supporting documents as well as the required deadline, if available.

2) The client may forward the INPUT DATA via email, as attachment or upload to our FTP server.

3) AG-DEC studies the Input DATA and place a quotation for the work stating the required number of hours for project execution, price and the date of delivery.

4) On Client’s approval, we start the project work. The planing of resources, proper communication with clients and interim design checks are implemented to ensure smooth execution, clear understanding, accuracy and transparency of work.

5) Upon completion, a final QA/QC is done.

6) The completed DATA is UPLOADED on FTP server or sent to clients via email, as attachments.