Architectural Drawings

Building dimensions, calculations and drawings might not be able to convey your creative imaginations in the best way to your prospective customers. Bridge this gap with powerful 3D architectural animations that can give you a complete virtual tour of a building.

We have served the engineering and construction industry with our 3D architectural animation services and developed attractive 3D renderings and presentations. Enjoy photo-realistic design and animations that we present to customers with our advanced three dimensional animation tools and techniques.

3D architectural modelling and rendering
Our 3D model architecture images come with intricate details in terms of rendering, texturing and modelling. What’s more, we can also create impacts of shadow, sunlight and artificial light in order to help the customer gain a feel of the building.
Our experience in providing 3D model architecture services includes:
Commercial buildings
Industrial buildings
Exterior and interior views of buildings
Modular/custom furniture
Engineering low poly modeling
Residential buildings
Landscape designing

3D Walkthrough and Animation
3D architectural modeling and animation.
3D building interiors design – Portraying color hues, interior or exterior lighting reflecting light intensity, light reflection and shadows
3D building exteriors view – External façade of the building showing the structure, architecture and building materials
External environment – Exterior landscaping, trees, hedges, fences, and vehicles, roads and the neighborhood
3D floor plan and incorporation of lifts, escalators, and moving objects
Virtual room design

Drafting Services
We also possess the capability in CAD conversion projects. Our CAD conversion services include:
       – Dimensioning services
       – Conversion of prints to CAD vector formats by scanning
       – Raster to vector conversions in CAD.

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