Engineering Documentations

Detailing and documentation are a very important part of every development program. Design Engineers generate 2D drawings that are associative to the parametric 3-D models. The associative relationship between the 3D models and 2D drawings drives automatic revisions. This allows for a streamlined process between iterative design revisions and engineering drawing documentation.We can work with various industry standard formats such as ASME, ASTM, ISO, SAE, ANSI, BS, DIN and MIL.
We offer clients 2D drafting facilities, which meet the ISO and BS standards. These draftings can be produced from 3D models or straight in flat 2D formats using standard 3 view 1st or 3rd angle projections.

Areas of Expertise:

– Automated equipment design
– Electromechanical equipment design
– Production equipment design
– Weldment design
– Plastic injection molded part design
– Sheet metal fabrication design
– Machined part designCast part design
– Dimensioned 1st or 3rd angle drawings
– General Assembly drawings
– Balloon referenced parts lists
– Manufacturing drawings
– Room/office/factory layout plans
– Schematic drawings
– Site Plans