Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

A. G. Design Engineering Consultancy is a diversified global engineering services company. We help our clients to cut product development costs, shorten lead times, extend capacity and maximize engineering resources availability by providing support across the complete product life cycle from design and modeling through analysis, prototyping, automation, data documentation, instrumentation and controls, embedded systems development, manufacturing support and vendor management.

Our design-for-manufacturing capabilities ensure that assembling of parts is easy and error-free, and clearances and tolerances are proper.
Our DFM approach incorporates the followings:

  • Identify crucial design parameters and specifications
  • Develop design services
  • Evaluate design services to meet customer needs
  • Optimization of product design and manufacturing processes
  • Cost estimates based on material, number of operations etc
  • Calculation of the adequate size of corner reliefs, bend angles and radii
  • Creation of 3D model
  • Complete 2D drawings with proper tolerances.